Manchester in Jamaica

Manchester has some of the richest top soils on the island, and is the birthplace of national hero, Norman Manley. Bauxite Miners have enjoyed this soil feature, as well as farming enthusiasts, and for this reason the parish is referred to as ‘the bread basket’ of the island. Manchester is believed to be the home of some of the wealthiest Jamaicans, and this is evident based on the size and structure of some of their houses. With hilly interiors, the temperatures are usually a little cooler in Manchester and it is branded as Jamaica’s coldest parish.

Mandeville is the capital city of Manchester. It boasts a very vibrant commercial community and is known to be the cleanest city in Jamaica. Mandeville is a fully developed city with modern telecommunication and transportation systems, and has the 2nd best medical facilities on the island (1st being Kingston).

As you travel through Manchester, it won’t be long before its historic past is seen. Despite the presence of agriculture in the parish, you will not find rivers in Manchester :-), and you can find over 100 caves.

In addition, Manchester is the home of the Caribbean’s first golf course, the Manchester Golf Club. This golf club was formed in 1868.


What you’ll find:

Quick Facts:

  • Established: 1814
  • Capital: Mandeville
  • Land Area: 830.1
  • Name Origin: Duke of Manchester, then Governor of Jamaica for nineteen years (longest serving Governor of Jamaica)
  • Mountains: Don Fiquero, Carpenter, May Day

Interesting Places:

  • Mandeville Courthouse
  • Manchester Golf Club
  • Mrs. Stephenson’s Garden
  • Northern Caribbean University
  • Kendal
  • Sunny Lodge
  • Little Ochie
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