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Jamaica is just simply one of the most beautiful locations you will ever find. The extraordinary beauty of the landscape and the surrounding sea is complemented by the heartwarming mixture of races and nationalities. So, don’t be fooled into expecting just sun, sea, and sand……there is much more to Jamaica than that. There is something here for everyone!

Jamaica is not just an island, it is an island-home, homely in one sense, and exciting and fun in another. This is one of the reasons why millions of people from around the world come to visit Jamaica each year! As a matter of fact, visitors from around the world have come to agree, that Jamaica is the Caribbean’s most favorite travel destination. Sure, there are lots of other nice places in the Caribbean, but, there is no place like Jamaica. Most visitors discover soon after their first visit that Jamaica is an extraordinary destination. To be honest, whenever you listen to or read a description about Jamaica, you may think it sounds too good to be true, but when you experience it for yourself, you will see that Jamaica is all that, and more.

Jamaica has an intriguing history, of Arawak Indians, notorious pirates, Spanish and British settlers, and slaves who yearned and fought for their freedom. Despite the mixture of races in Jamaica, our official language is English. Many Jamaicans however, speak ‘Patois’ (pronounced ‘patwa’), which is a mixture of English, Spanish, French, and African dialects. Don’t worry about the language, even if you do not know English or Patois, you can visit Jamaica and feel alright. Besides, you can learn or get familiar with Jamaican patois phrases on our website.

Why should you use About-Jamaica ?

About-Jamaica.com has been passionately created with you in mind, and is packed with resources to acquaint you with Jamaica’s colorful spectrum of places and friendly faces. Whether you are a tourist or a Jamaican national, you can learn interesting facts about Jamaica, right here. If you are planning your vacation or trip to Jamaica, you may make your booking right here, plus we will give you a comprehensive overview of each of Jamaica’s major tourist regions:

In addition, with our detailed descriptions, pictures, tips, and even maps, you are in for a sure treat!

Now, about-jamaica.com is created by a Jamaican couple who have lived, worked and traveled around Jamaica for over 30 years now…to put it simply, we are born Jamaicans who have lived here all our lives. We decided to create this site so that you can find lots of free information… from vacationing to living and everything in between. Most of all, we wanted to share our knowledge of our truly extraordinary homeland, Jamaica! We hope you enjoy this site and find the information helpful…. and of course…explore beautiful Jamaica and feel ‘irie’ (‘irie’ is a popular Jamaican word, which means: happy, okay, good, or alright).

Welcome to Jamaica!……….and welcome to about-jamaica.com!

By the way, just to let you in on some really great news, about-jamaica.com is going through an upgrade right now. Why is that? We value your visits and we want to ensure that your visit to about-jamaica.com and Jamaica is well worth it. Our vision is to make about-jamaica.com the ultimate Jamaican guide, and we mean that. So, we are constantly working on providing a top-of-the-line site experience like no other. Coming soon, stay on the look out! Irie 🙂