Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is located in the ‘Garden Parish’ of St. Ann, often confused to be the parish Capital. The name ‘Garden Parish’ was coined primarily because St. Ann is known for its lush vegetation. The natural beauty of Ocho Rios can be seen in the numerous waterfalls and exotic gardens. ‘Ocho Rios’ is actually a spanish term meaning ‘Eight Rivers’. You may be thinking that this is because Ocho Rios has eight rivers, but that simply isn’t so. It is believed that the name Ocho Rios got twisted in translation, and the name of the location should have been the Spanish word ‘Las Chorreras’ which means ‘rushing spouts or water’. You should know that Jamaicans often refer to Ocho Rios by just saying ‘Ochi’.

Ocho Rios was once a fishing village and has become one of Jamaica most popular tourist location. The town was built specifically for tourism and tourism related industries. With all that, Ocho Rios is a buzz with activities for tourists and seems to be in constant motion. The town center mainly contains craft markets, arcades, shopping centers, banks, supermarkets, and restaurants. In Ocho Rios you can find the 600 ft. famous Dunn’s River, an aquatic bay to swim and play with trained dolphins, the newest attraction, Mystic Mountain, and much more. It is a tropical haven to suit the taste of different persons, and it is what you make it. These categories of persons frequently made Ocho Rios their choice:

  • Botanists
  • Newly weds
  • Couples having retreats or celebrating anniversaries
  • Natural environment enthusiasts
  • Honey-mooners
  • Family vacationers
  • Bargain hunters / Shopping enthusiasts
  • Tastebud pleasers / Food lovers who want a range of food selections and cuisines
  • Everyone who wants to have fun with various attractions

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