South Coast

A Haven of undeveloped and hidden natural beauty. Different from the faster tourist regions, the South Coast is a most attractive location for visitors seeking for seclusion. The South Coast stretches southeast from Savanna-la-mar. The region also includes Mandeville, capital of Manchester, and nestled in tropical highlands of Don Figuero Mountains, 2000 feet above sea level. There are still residues of British traditional influence in Mandeville architecture of the courthouse, parish church, and elsewhere. The parish gets its name from the Duke of Manchester, former governor of Jamaica, and the capital Mandeville was named after his son.

The South Coast has acres of sugar cane that covers portion of the countryside with almost empty beaches in sight. The hills are usually green with a cool atmosphere for those who enjoy the quieter and more hidden vacation spots. It is also decorated with more natural wildlife such as crocodiles and other animals lurking in isolated areas. This is usually great for visitors wishing to capture the countryside scenery and boost their adventure. A great opportunity would be the Black River Safari tour and the Appleton Estate Rum tour. You will find places to stay from Bluefield’s Bay to Whitehouse where you will find all-inclusive Sandals Whitehouse Village & Spa. The accommodation also ranges from cottages and neat guest houses to seaside small hotels and villas. The South Coast is definitely a location that gets you in touch with a different side of the warm and friendly Jamaican people and Jamaica’s rich natural heritage.

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