Jamaican Geography

Jamaica is an island sur­rounded by the Caribbean Sea. It is posi­tioned at approx­i­mately 18 degrees North (Lon­gi­tude) and 77 degrees West (Lat­i­tude). The near­est point of the North Amer­ica to Jamaica is the Florida Cays, which is approx. 240 km to the north of Cuba. Jamaica lies 160 km (100) miles west of Haiti.

Trinidad and Tobago and The Lesser Antilles has many links of trade and cul­ture with Jamaica, and is posi­tioned at 1600km (1,000 miles) to the east and south-east coast. To the south-west coast of Jamaica, a large area of shal­low sea extends for over 160 km (100 miles) over the Pedro banks, with their asso­ci­ated cays. The Morant Cays are 51 km (32 miles) south from the east­ern extrem­ity of Jamaica at Morant Point.

The most significant feature of Jamaica is the mountainous nature of its surface. About half the island is over 300m above sea level. The plains and valleys lies mostly to the southern side of the island.

In case you are wondering, Jamaica is just perfectly located, and has the weather and climate many countries only wish they had.

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