Hanover is a rural parish covered with lush vegetation, and has mountainous terrains and historic places. Sir Alexander Bustamante, Jamaica’s first Prime Minister and also a national hero was born in Hanover. Mr. Bustamante’s resident in Hanover is fashioned into a museum and heritage site and is a popular tourist interest.

Hanover is probably one of the most traditional parishes, which today still practices some of Jamaica’s mostancient dance moves. Practices of Kumina and other spiritual practices may also be seen in Hanover.

Hanover’s capital city is Lucea, and if you should take a short trip, you would soon realize that it is quite historic with a strong agricultural presence. The parish is known for its busy agricultural activities, and is particularly note for its large scale yam production.

What you’ll find:

Quick Facts:

  • Established: 1723
  • Capital: Lucea
  • Land Area: 450.4 sq. km
  • Name Origin:Ruling British family at the time
  • Rivers: Great River
  • Mountains: Dolphin Head
  • Valley: Great River

Interesting Places:

  • Lucea Harbour
  • Tryall Club
  • Cousins Cove Cave
  • Riley River Rafting
  • Fort Charlotte
  • Tryall Waterwheel
  • Old Lucea Courthouse
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