Montego Bay

Montego Bay also known as “Mo-Bay” is Jamaica’s second largest city and is the capital city of the parish of St. JamesChristopher Columbus (famous European Explorer) was delighted with the beautiful weather in Montego Bay, hence he called it “El Golfo de Buen Tiempo” which means “The Gulf of Fair Weather”. Further in history, in about the 17th century, the Spanish inhabitants of the island gave it a different name, ” La Bahia Manteca” which meant “Lard Bay”. This was because they used the city primarily as a shipping area for lard (derivative of pork). Later, the British settlers who overthrew the Spanish, changed the name to “Montego Bay”. So, the word “Montego Bay” is actually a twisted term coming from the word “Manteca”. Weird? But that’s how the word “Montego Bay” was coined.

Montego Bay is a city rich in history, and is home of the historic Sam Sharpe Square. Sam Sharpe Square was named after National hero Sam Sharpe and is a memorial of the important role he played in Jamaica’s colonial history.

Montego Bay is also the top tourist destination in Jamaica and has earned the title “The tourist capital of Jamaica”. This is probably partly due to the fact that Montego Bay houses the island’s busiest airport, The Donald Sangster International Airport. Also, the city is packed with goodies for its visitors, all year round. Here are some the stuff you can find in Montego Bay:

  • Five of the island’s top golf courses
  • From elegant dining to seaside burgers
  • Nightclubs
  • Several watersports activities
  • From posh resorts to top-quality low budget accommodations
  • Shopping haven, with choices from duty-free stores, art galleries, craft markets, and shopping centers (malls), and more
  • Historic Great Houses
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