Sports in Jamaica

When it comes to sports, Jamaica celebrates and boasts a rich heritage. Even though Jamaica is relatively small in size, especially when compared to other countries, our mark in sports activities is well made. You can find Jamaican sports champions in big annual tournaments, world cup events, and even just daily fun and games. Usain Bolt for example, is world renown for his brilliant and impressive record breaking performances in athletics. O, yes, as you can see, Jamaicans are very competitive! Jamaica has even hosted big sports events such as the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Quite fascinatingly, Jamaican sports is a rich part of our culture which helps to unite our people. If you happen to be in Jamaica during any world championship event you won’t have to ask, or you may even be surprised. Whether you are on the streets or in a sophisticated business place, everything goes on pause. If you happen to be in the streets, you may hear load uproars or shouts, you may see people jumping or hugging each other, everyone will make the particular event the center of attention. On the other hand, if you happen to be in a business place, as long as there is a television displayed, everyone will give all attention to it. You may even have difficulty distinguishing between staff and customers. Don’t be surprised if you even get a surprise hug from someone.

Jamaicans are usually high spirited when it comes on to sports. Some do it for fun, to keep in shape and a ticket out of poverty. There is no shortage of sporting activities in Jamaica. If you visit Jamaica, remember to enjoy some of the sports the Jamaican way.

Sports played in Jamaica

Sports, if you want it, it is here for you, whether you want to spectate or participate . Here are some major sports you will find in Jamaica:

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Some Famous Jamaicans in Sports

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