Jamaica Custom Duties and Taxes

Whether you plan to travel to Jamaica or elsewhere, knowing the applicable customs duty and taxes is always good practice. Not only does it contribute to the value of your trip, but it also reduces possible surprises when you travel. Let’s look at some applicable customs duty and taxes when traveling to Jamaica.

Departure Tax

Currently, all visitors to the Jamaica are required to pay a fee of US $27. This fee is only accepted in cash at the airport check-in counter and is subject to change at any time. In addition, please be aware that most airline carriers have already included this fee in their total airfare package.

General Consumption Tax

The value added tax in Jamaica is commonly referred to as G.C.T (General Consumption Tax). This tax is applicable to all taxable consumer goods and services. Please note that some merchants may not always include G.C.T. in their displayed or declared price. It is always best to ask whether tax is already included in prices or if taxes are to be added.

Since 2010, the government of Jamaica increased the G.C.T. on taxable goods and services from 16.5% to 17.5% . However, there are exemptions from G.C.T. for zero-rated items. These items may include but is not limited to agricultural supplies, items used in bauxite and mining production, items used in the aircraft industry, and other goods or services associated with government expenditure and services.

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