Jamaican Government Ministers 2012!

Jamaica has formed a new government for 2012. The PNP's landslide victory over the JLP on December 29th 2011 (Election Day), brought about the sudden change. Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller was sworn in Office on Thursday, January 5th 2012. The following day, January 6th, Prime Minister Simpson-Miller named her new cabinet. So here goes Jamaica's new government ministers:

Jamaica’s 20-Member Cabinet 2012

Portia Simpson Miller – Minister of Defence, Development, Information and Sports & Prime Minister, Email: primeminister@opm.gov.jm, Fax: 1-876-929-0005

Dr Peter Phillips – Minister of Finance, Planning and the Public Service, Email: hmf@mof.gov.jm, Fax: 1-876-929-8103

Robert Pickersgill – Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change

Anthony Hylton – Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce

Derrick Kellier – Minister of Labour and Social Security

Dr Omar Davies – Minister of Transport, Works and Housing

Dr Wykeham McNeill – Minister of Tourism and Entertainment

Phillip Paulwell – Minister of Mining, Energy and ICT

Roger Clarke – Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries

Horace Dalley – Minister Without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Public Service, with responsibility for public service

Peter Bunting – Minister of National Security

Rev Ronald Thwaites – Minister of Education

Lisa Hanna – Minister of Youth and Culture

Dr Fenton Ferguson – Minister of Health

Noel Arscott – Minister of Local Government and Community Development

Dr Morais Guy – Minister Without Portfolio in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing

Natalie Neita Headley – Minister Without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for sports

Senator Sandrea Falconer – Minister Without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for information

Senator Mark Golding – Justice Minister

A J Nicholson – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister

Jamaica PNP’s 13 Senators (2012)

  • Rev. Stanley St. John Redwood – President
  • Angela Rosemarie Brown Burke – Deputy President
  • AJ Nicholson, Q.C.
  • Mark Golding
  • Sandrea Falconer
  • K.D Knight
  • Imani Duncan-Price
  • Lambert Brown
  • Norman Grant
  • Wensworth Skeffery
  • Noel Sloley
  • Floyd Morris
  • Navel Foster Clarke

Jamaican Officials who are State Ministers (2012)

  • Arnaldo Brown – Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade
  • Sharon Ffolkes Abrahams – Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce
  • Ian Hayles – Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Colin Fagan – Ministry of Local Government and Community Development
  • Richard Azan – Ministry of Transport, Works & Housing
  • Damion Crawford – Ministry of Tourism & Entertainment
  • Julian Robinson – Ministry of Mining, Energy & ICT
  • Luther Buchanan – Office of the Prime Minister

Jamaica JLP’s Senators (2012)

  • Dr Christopher Tufton
  • Robert Montague
  • Kavan Gayle
  • Arthur Williams (Leader of Opposition Business)
  • Sandrea Falconer
  • Tom Tavares-Finson
  • Marlene Malahoo Forte
  • Kamina Johnson-Smith

JLP Shadow Cabinet (2012)

Andrew Holness – Defence and Development, and Operations of the Office of the Prime Minister

Marissa Dalyrmple Phillibert – Education and Human Resource Development

Desmond McKenzie – Urban Renewal, Rural Development and Local Government

Audley Shaw – Finance, Planning, Growth and Economic Development

Delroy Chuck – Justice, National Security and Electoral Matters

Dr Ken Baugh – Health and Quality of Life

Senator Christopher Tufton – Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Investment

Gregory Mair – Industry, Commerce and Energy

Karl Samuda – Transport and Works and Infrastructure Development

Edmund Bartlett – Tourism and Travel Service Development

J. C. Hutchinson – Agriculture, Mining and Natural Resource Use

Daryl Vaz – ICT and Digital Society Development

Dr. Horace Chang – Housing, Water, and Environment

Shahine Robinson – Social Security and Poverty Reduction

Olivia Grange – Youth, Sports, Gender Affairs, Entertainment and Culture

Senator Arthur Williams – Information, Public Service and Labour

JLP Parliamentary Committee Chairmen

  • Audley Shaw – Public Accounts Committee
  • Ed Bartlett – Public Administration and Appropriation Committee
  • Ruddy Spencer – Human Resource and Social Development Committee
  • Everald Warmington – Economy and Production Committee
  • Derrick Smith – Internal and External Affairs Committee
  • Pearnel Charles – Infrastructure and Physical Development Committee.
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