Manchester Heritage Sites

New Broughton United – An impressive early 19th Century structure constructed using regular cut stone.

St. Mark’s Anglican Church – The Parish Church of Manchester, completed and consecrated in 1820.

Mandeville Court House – Built in 1817 and was constructed in the Jamaica Georgian style.

Maidstone – Under the direction of the Moravian missionaries was founded in 1840.

Bloomfield Great House – Situated on a property formerly known as the Bloomfield Estate.

Marlborough Great House – Built in 1795 and designed by a Scottish architect named Forsyth.

Marshall’s Pen Great House – Features Spanish walls and louvre windows.

Northern Caribbean University – It housed the earliest teachers at the institution in 1919.

Roxborough – Birthplace of National Hero, the Right Excellent Norman Washington Manley.

Kendal Railway Tragedy – The worst railway disaster in Jamaica’s history.

Manchester Club Golf Course – Built in 1865, is believed to be the oldest surviving club in the western hemisphere.

Greenvale Railway Station – A two-story Jamaica/Georgian timber structure.

Williamsfield Railway Station – Has elements of the Jamaica/Georgian architectural style.

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