Kingston: Largest City in Jamaica

Welcome to Kingston City, commonly referred to as ‘Town’. Kingston is the name of the parish as well as the capital city. Kingston has come a far way and has continued to grow in spite of a devastating hurricane in 1784, a massive fire in 1843, a cholera epidemic in 1850 and another fire in 1862. As a matter of fact, in 1872, Kingston has managed to take the title as Jamaica’s capital city from the city of Spanish Town.

Today, Kingston encompasses 25 sq. km, and is the seat of the government. It is the focal point of many of Jamaica’s cultural, educational, industrial, financial and commercial institutions. Kingston plays a key role in the Jamaican economy, as most of the country’s economic activities takes place there and most multinational conglomerates and financial institutions have their headquarters in and around the Kingston Metropolitan Area. Also, the Kingston Harbour, the world’s seventh largest natural Harbour, provides for rapidly growing trans-shipment facility and is now ranked among the top container ports in the world.

The historic city of Port Royal can be found in Kingston. Port Royal was known to be one of the wealthiest and wickedest cities in the New World. In addition, it was a busy commercial center and served as a naval and military headquarters for the British army. In 1692, a massive earthquake demolished the city of Port Royal entirely, with half of the city being sunk into the ocean.

Several international reggae stars hail from Kingston, including Dennis Brown, Buju Banton, and Beenie Man. While ‘Mr. Reggae’ himself, Bob Marley, was born in St. Ann, he received his first music break at Studio One, one of downtown Kingston’s finest recording studios. It is a staple of music heritage, along with other studios, vintage record stores and dancehall spots.

Remember, whether you choose to travel for business or pleasure to Kingston city, you will surely enjoy your trip. It hosts a variety of events including Caribbean Fashion Week (June), Restaurant Week (November), Carnival (April), and Reggae month (February).

Kingston actually covers the communities of Downtown Kingston and the historical city of Port Royal. Please note that even though Kingston and St. Andrew are officially two different parishes, you may find that both parishes may be referred to as Kingston, when referred to as a tourist region.

What you’ll find:

Getting to Kingston

Kingston is located at the foot of the broad Liguanea plains and nestled between a backdrop of the Blue Mountains and the Kingston Harbour. To get to Kingston by air, you have the option of using any of ourinternational airportsFrom the Norman Manley International Airport, it could take approximately a 30 minutes drive to any hotel, accommodation or central location in Kingston. To get from the airport to your hotel, the official transfer company is JUTA (the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association), just look for their desk outside of customs. However, you have the freedom to make your own transportation arrangements.From the Sangster’s International Airport in Montego Bay, Kingston is approximately a 3½ hours drive.

Quick Facts:

  • Established:1692
  • Capital:Kingston
  • Land Area: 25 sq. km
  • River:Hope River
  • Plain:Liguanea

Interesting Places:

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