Jamaican Nightlife

There are many adventurous clubs to explore in Jamaica. They all have their own atmosphere styles and musical flavors. These are just some of the popular Jamaican night clubs and what to expect:

1. The Quad Night Club is Kingston Jamaica is piped as Jamaica’s only multi-level and high-energy night club. It is located at 20 – 22 Trinidad Terrace in New Kingston Jamaica, the club is situated almost next door to a Police Post in the heart of the capital. But what has made this Kingston Jamaica night club such a prime spot, is it because of the location of the Kingston Jamaica Real Estate, or its variety is liquors atmosphere and even Jamaican food. The décor is complete with lounge seating and the only baby grand piano in any Kingston Jamaica venue.


2. The Asylum Night Club in Kingston Jamaica has been the premier Jamaican nightlife hot spot for almost a decade. Located on the Knutsford Boulevard in the heart of the New Kingston Jamaica business capital the club has seen unperfected success in its tenure. Open six days a week it is next door to the Jamrock Jamaican restaurant. The Kingston Jamaica night club has surpassed serving the million mark patron in the club and have proudly becomes Kingston Jamaica’s biggest club. The club boasts a great weekly line up. Visitors to the island that stays in any Kingston hotel may take the opportunity to visit the excellent night club that has a night for every genre and person.

The weekly themes are: Sunday is “Girls Gone Wild”, Tuesday is “Ladies Night”, Thursday is “Dance Hall Night”, Friday is “After Work Jam”, Saturday is “Party Night”

3. Back Yard Night Club – Back Yard Club in Kingston Jamaica is the perfect liming spot for Kingston travelers to relax and have a good time. Boasting a 20 ft. bar stocked with every Jamaican drink and Jamaican drink recipes that you can think of. The night club is sometimes termed as a drinking hole.

The Back Yard Club in Kingston Jamaica is most renowned because of the proprietor Brian Gold, a Kingston Jamaican singer who wooed many music lovers in the 1990’s with renditions of his hit songs and hosts many Jamaican nightlife events including performances from the famed Beenie Man and Sean Paul. These Kingston Jamaica artistes are top performers from Kingston Jamaica. The Back Yard Club is also known for its avid and dedicated pool players. Equipped with four standard 9ft pool tables and great in-house pool cues, many amateur and professional Kingston Jamaica pool players have turned this hot spot into a home.

4. Pepper’s Night Club – The Peppers Night Club in Kingston Jamaica is a lively open-air night spot makes it a favored drinking hole on the Kingston scene. The Jamaican food is continental and local with emphasis on Jamaican jerk dishes. The Peppers Night Club in Kingston Jamaica has evolved from an ordinary Jamaican restaurant to a bar and lounge with a very large following of Jamaican pool players making this their stamping ground on a Friday & Saturday night in Kingston Jamaica. With over 8 standard sized pool tables the Peppers Night Club in Kingston Jamaica can easily be described as the pool capital of Kingston Jamaica.

Once a visitor is in the Jamaica capital he/she may take the opportunity to visit this Jamaican nightlife hotspot with its pleasant service and excellent Jamaican dishes. The Peppers Night Club in Kingston Jamaica is has secure parking facilities and round the clock security guards making the Peppers Night Club in Kingston Jamaica another safe haven for patrons seeking to have a good time and not worry about crime.

5. Margaritaville – located on the “Hip-Strip” of Montego Bay, Margaritaville got its name from the world-class helpings of margaritas bartenders serve up at this trendy club. A prominent hotspot among teens, locals and tourists, the three-level club sits on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

During the day Margaritaville is a sports bar and cafe, but at nights it transforms into a lively hot spot. Step unto the thumping dance floor on the ground floor, go to the second floor to enjoy live music or go and have a tropical Jacuzzi experience on the water-themed third floor. Here you can find floating lilo beds, a 110 foot water slide leading from the rooftop to the Caribbean Sea below, two water trampolines; anything for your aquatic pleasure. Margaritaville serves pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, traditional Jamaican eatery and an array of pricy drinks. Entrance fee is US$15 and tour buses are available for pickups and drop offs at nearby resorts.



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