Jamaica is a favorite destination choice of many seasoned travellers. Travellers are fascinated by Jamaica’s beautiful beaches, warm weather, friendly people and tropical breezes. But, Jamaica is much more than just sun, sea and sand.

There are many activities and attractions for a Jamaican visitor. These may include climbing beautiful mountains, rivers rafting, feeding and swimming with dolphins, touring beautiful botanical gardens, touring plantations, enjoying various sports , sampling the tasty food, and a host of other fun-filled activities.

Language – English, Patois (Jamaican)

Entry Requirements – Visitors from USA and Canada must provide proof of citizenship by means of a valid passport or birth certificate. For persons who have made name changes, original supporting documents must be presented. Permanent residents from Canada must present their valid passport from their respective countries, along with their landing record. It is advisable that all visitors (other countries included) should contact the nearest Jamaica Tourist Board or consulate for entry requirements, as requirements are subject to change at any time by the relevant authorities.


Jamaican Dollar (JMD.) Main foreign currencies (USD, GBP, CAD) along with a few others are accepted. Purchases may be made in Jamaican or US dollars, except at duty-free shops where purchases must be in US dollars.

Time Zone – Eastern Standard Time (-5). Daylight saving time is not observed.

Marriage – Visitors can arrange for marriage application prior to their arrival in the country, and in doing so, marriage can take place within 24 hours of arrival. Proof of citizenship in the form of original birth certificate (including father’s name) is required, and if applicable, parent’s written consent for persons under 21, original certificate of divorce, and certified copy of death certificate for widow or widower. Note that Italian nationals, who wish to get married in Jamaica, must notify their embassy, and a certified copy of their marriage certificate must be forwarded to their embassy to be legalized and translated. Blood tests are not required.

Firearms – It is illegal to take arms or ammunition into or out of Jamaica.

Tipping – Most hotels have a service charge of 10-15%. Tipping is generally accepted at most restaurants, and is totally unaccepted at Jamaica’s All-inclusive resorts.

Animals – Animals are prohibited from entry into Jamaica.

Churches – Jamaica is said to have more churches per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Most denominations are represented here.

Dress Code – Jamaicans wear tropical clothing throughout the year. Swimwear is acceptable on the beaches and around the pool, however it is best not to wear swimwear on the streets. If you wish you may wear a light sweater.

Communications – You can access Internet, telex, facsimile, cable, radio, telephones, cellular phones, and television.

Currency Exchange – Exchange rates fluctuate, and are subject to change at any time by the relevant authorities. Currencies may be exchanged at any bank or exchange bureaus across the island. Currencies may also be exchanged upon departure at the Airport Bureau of Exchange.

Electrical System – 110 volts/50 cycles is standard. Some small hotels may have 220 volts available.

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