Golf in Jamaica

Golf in Jamaica is in top form. When compared to other countries in the Caribbean, Jamaica stands as one of the top golf destinations.

Golfing in Jamaica all started in 1925. The Jamaica Golfers Association was born as a result, which is the regulatory body for amateur golf in Jamaica. The main functions of the Jamaica Golf Association revolve around the development of golf in Jamaica with emphasis on:

  • Junior Golf
  • Ladies Golf
  • Men’s Golf
  • Promotion of Golf Development Activities.
  • Staging Caribbean Golf Association events in Jamaica.
  • Provision of Services to JGA members.
  • Maintenance of discipline and adherence to the Rules of Golf.
  • Organizing and staging of golf tournaments.
  • Organizing and planning for Jamaica’s representation in international tournaments.
  • Promoting the sport of golf in schools, colleges and universities in Jamaica.
  • Assisting our tourism sector in the promotion of Jamaica as a golfing destination.

One of the beauty about golf in Jamaica is that several resorts offer golf packages. Jamaica has some of the best golf course layouts, ideal temperatures, and expert caddies. These golf packages allow guests to play on the best golf courses. Some of the resorts that offer golf packages include: Breezes Rio Bueno, SuperClubs Runaway Bay, Grand Lido Braco, Halfmoon and Sandals Ocho Rios.(Click on the links below to get more info on each golf course)

Jamaica’s Golf Courses

Ocho Rios

Montego Bay



South Coast

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