Black History Month in Jamaica

So, What is Black History Month? A little background…

Black History Month is an observance of the history of the African diaspora in a number of countries outside of Africa. Since 1976, it is observed annually in the United States and Canada in February, while in the United Kingdom it is observed in October. In the U.S., Black History Month is also referred to as African-American History Month. It is presently celebrated during February in Jamaica.

Black History Month in Jamaica……….The Jamaican View

Like, the U.S. and Canada, Jamaica celebrates Black History Month in February. It is a time when Jamaicans of African descent reflects upon the struggles and history of Black people. A special focus is placed on those who have stood up for the rights, equality, and justice of Black people, so that Black people today can enjoy a better quality of life. Also, it is a time when different Jamaican media groups, schools, and some social organizations create a heightened awareness of history of Black people.

In Jamaica, special reflection is made upon the lives of people like Martin Luther King, and our very popular known hero Marcus Garvey and all the rest of our national heroes including The Rt. Excellent Paul BogleSam SharpeNorman ManleyAlexander BustamanteGeorge William GordonNanny of the Maroons.Reflection is also made on Jamaica’s historic past, from the Arawak Indians, Christopher Columbus and the Spanish, the British settlers, to the Africans and Maroons.

Black History Month isn’t the only thing that Jamaicans celebrate in February. Bob Marley’s birthday celebrations and Reggae Month is also a big thing. Since 2008 the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JRIA) has declared February as Jamaica’s Reggae Month. The first Reggae Month took place in February and its objective is to unite and further the common interests of all individuals, institutions, organizations and firms directly and indirectly involved in music and the music industry in Jamaica.

Reggae Month activities usually starts on the last Sunday of January with the ‘Tribute to Dennis Brown Concert’. Dennis Brown is a renowned reggae artiste who contributed greatly to the reggae industry. Reggae Month is packed with activities for every day in February promoting Jamaican music, art, dance, film, poetry, intellect and culture.

There is a difference of idea in celebrating Black History in Jamaica. Some critics think that just one month is not enough, while others think that Jamaica has too many different races and that it conflicts with our motto: ‘Out of many, one people’. But, despite the different in opinions to this regard, Black History Month in Jamaica is still vibrant, educational and inspirational in Jamaica land we love.

Want to learn more about the Black History Month in general? Click here black history month.

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