Jamaican Birds

About 28 species of birds that live in Jamaica are only found here. On the other hand, approximately 300 species of birds are not confined to Jamaica and are “residents” and perhaps another 17 species are occasional visitors and migrants. Our birds are usually fascinating to bird watchers or those who just simply love nature.

With this extensive list of birds, some of our more popular birds includes:

The Long-tailed (Swallow-tail)Hummingbird or the Doctor Bird is perhaps the most beautiful of all Jamaican species, and is our National bird. The male possesses the streamer-tail. When the bird is in flight this streamer-tail produces a curious whirring noise due to the friction against the air. The small Bee Hummingbird or Vervian is the second smallest bird in the world.

The Banana Quit is very common and like the humming birds, spends much time probing flowers for nectar.

The Mocking Bird is one of the most familiar birds to Jamaica, and is a fine singer.

The Glass-eyed Thrush and the Solitaire are outstanding in the higher regions.

The Jamaican Tody, also called “Robin Red Breast” is a tiny bright green bird with a crimson throat and bill, nests in an embankment, eat insects.

The John Crow is a vulture and a very popular scavenger.

The Bald-Plate otherwise known as the White-crowned Pigeon is often hunted during bird shooting season.

White-wing doves and several other species are also shot in season.

Herons (called Gaulins) swarm most Jamaican swamp lands and lagoons especially during the winter months.

Ducks, gallinules, and rails are other water birds.

Brown Pelican are usually found near surfing areas and always attract visitors.

The Jabbering Crow is found only in Jamaica and is restricted in its distribution to the Cockpit Country, the Dry Harbour Mountains, the Rio Grande and mostly woody areas and hills.

The Jamaican Blackbird inhabits pasture lands.

Jamaican Woodpecker has brilliant red colors on the top of his head and nape.

Parakeet has a orange throat, common in the low land areas and is known to be a pest on crops.

Jamaican Owl (Pattoo) hunts at nights and makes really scary sounds.

Ring-Tailed Pigeon is found only in high elevations and is endangered.

Yellow and Black Billed Parrots live in the wet limestone forest of the Cockpit Country. They are a protected species and are very threatened.

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