Jamaican Beaches: Our Island’s Best

Yes, many would agree that Jamaica has some of the most fascinating beaches in the world. Our Jamaican beaches continue to captivate tourists and remain one of our main attractions. Our Island has beaches in all 14 parishes and they come in different texture, shape and sizes. There is a beach to suite every personal preference ranging from family beaches to some popular nude beaches.

The most impressive and breathtaking is the 7 mile beach located in Negril. It is pristine and somewhat heavenly. You can literally walk the seven miles of the beach. If you need tranqility and a romanticatmosphere you can have it. You are sure to remember this beautiful scenic view for a lifetime. We must mention the very popular Doctor Cave beach located in Montego Bay for its historic status. If you are on vacation in Jamaica, your visit will seem to be incomplete without the Jamaican beach experience.

Here is a list of some of our top rated Jamaican beaches:

1. Negril 7 Mile Beach: A long seven mile stretch of uninterrupted pristine beach with towering cliffs in sight all along. Undoubtedly, a natural jewel of the island. Our favorite!

2. Doctor’s Cave Beach: Located on the “Hip-Strip” of Montego Bay and connected with the Doctors Cave Hotel. If you are not a guest you may still use the beach.

3. Boston Bay Beach: Located in area of Boston, Portland. It is ideally situated in a region where you can get Jamaican famous Boston Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork and even Jerk Fish. Great beach if you are looking for a less crowded beach.

4. Aqua Sol Beach and Theme Park: Located on the “Hip-Strip” of Montego Bay and ideally suited for family splashing. There is usual a live music playing with a pool table to show-off your skills. This beach is well equipped with shower stands, tennis courts, changing rooms, and even a hair salon.

5. The Dunn’s River Beach: Located at the famous Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, St. Ann. This beach is a favorite because the waters Sliding down the falls meet the sea to give a perfect salt and fresh water experience in one location.

6. Hillshire Beach: A favorite of communities with a narrow look located in Portmore, St. Catherine. Cool place to hang out in the day and very common site for music show, beauty contests, and other entertainmentactivities at nights. Tasty fried fish available for purchase sometimes.

7. The Rose Hall Beach: Found in Rose Hall, St. James and mainly used by hotel guests. It is known for a beach with nice sand and many activities to choose from.

8. Mahogany Beach: Located walking distance from Ocho Rios center with restaurant and a large bar. Massage available and water sports activities.

9. The Cornwall Beach: Located along the “Hip Strip” of Montego Bay.

10. San San Beach: Located in Portland and is ideal for snorkeling and has a small bed of protected coral reefs. Scuba divers usually love this area.

11. Bluefields Beach Park: A very popular public beach in the south-east of Westmoreland. Usually a busy beach on weekends and public holidays.

12. The Salem Paradise Beach: Located in St. Ann in close proximity to Runaway Bay has a natural beach surroundings. It is a narrow beach with some trees hanging perfectly near the sea side. The trees are convenient when you need a little shaded.

13. The Frenchman’s Bay: Located in the Port Antonio tourist region. We love the natural feel of trees all around this beach. It also has a river running almost perpendicular into the sea. The river is a charm by itself. It has showers and change facilities close by. Nice secluded beach!

14. The Cornwall Beach: Another “Hip-Strip” Montego Bay beach with various stands, water sports and music to entertain even the family. There is a private entrance and it is obvious they want to keep you entertained.

15. James Bond Beach: Is located close to Oracabessa town in St. Mary. It has a real tropical atmosphere where the water is clear and comforting. You may be able to get a glass bottom boat to explore the underwater beauty. It got its’ name from the writer Ian Fleming who spent a lot of time swimming at this beach.

16. Reggae Beach: Located in the Ocho Rios region, between White River and Rio Nuevo. There is a small charge for entrance they used to maintain the beach. There are occasional night stage shows and beach parties. Entertainment is sometimes available, especially on weekend and holidays.

17. Navy Island Beach: Located in Port Antonio region with clear and beautiful waters and white sands. Great for water sport enthusiast. Guests usually enjoy the snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing.

18. Turtle Beach: A beach located in Ocho Rios. This beach is surrounded by hotels and you will find water sports popular here.

19. Island Village Beach: Located in Ocho Rios on Island Village property which is one off Ocho Rios shopping and entertainment attraction. Its minutes away from the pier. It is an open-air settings with boardwalk decorated with a few trees.

20. Oracabessa Beach: Located near the Oracabessa town center, and is also used by fishermen.

21. The Blue Lagoon Beach: Famous beach located in Portland. The actual name expresses its depth of blueness. It has an almost perfect reflection of the sky. The Blue Lagoon Beach is a great beach for swimmers. It is a true oasis of beautiful Portland.

22. Mallards Beach: Ideally located in Ocho Rios and attract beach goers from around the town area including guest from surrounding hotels.

23. Grande Beach: Located in a secluded private spot in St. Ann. It is commonly used for parasailing and diving off small cliffs as you go.

24. Cardiff Hall Beach: Located in a secluded countryside in St. Ann. Great for a tranquil getaway.

25. Winnifred Beach: Located not too far from Port Antonio with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Perfect for snorkeling, calm, bright-blue water and more popular with community persons.

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