Historic Sites in Clarendon

St. Peter’s Church (Alley) – One of the oldest Churches in the island. It was founded in 1671.

May Pen Clock Tower – The May Pen Clock Tower is made of stone. It is approximately twenty-four (24) feet in height, eight (8) feet in width, and eight (8) feet in length.

Halse Hall Great House – When the English captured Jamaica in 1655, it was the custom to give officers of the army land grants. Halse Hall was given to Major Thomas Halse. On the site, Halse raised hogs, grazed cattle and built a house of thick walls.

Portland Point Lighthouse – This lighthouse has the highest tower in the Island, standing at a height of 145 feet. This light is located at latitude 170 44′ 9″ north and 770 9′ 58″ west on the summit of the Portland Ridge near the southern most point of the Island. The Tower flashes a white light every 15 seconds.

Milk River Spa – Another of Jamaica’s great spas. The Spa is located about ten (10) miles south of May Pen, Clarendon, and is open to the public. The radioactivity of the water is many times greater than many of the world’s famous spas.

Claude McKay’s Birthplace – Birth place of internationally acclaimed writer and poet, born in the year 1889 in James Hill, Clarendon. In 1977 the Government on behalf of the people of Jamaica posthumously awarded Claude McKay the Order of Jamaica in respect and admiration for his great contribution to literature.

Four Paths Railway Station – A two-story concrete building. The Four Paths Station is believed to have been constructed in the early 1900s.

Sutton’s Railway Station – A Jamaica/Georgian timber house set on a stone base. This station was constructed in the early twentieth century.

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