Clarendon is located to the farthest Southern side of the island and its capital city is May Pen. If you should visit Clarendon you would experience very little rainfall and see mostly dry flat lands.

There have been over 57 recorded caves found in Clarendon. The famous Jackson’s Bay Cave can be found on Clarendon’s natural peninsula and contains original evidence of our historic Arawak background. If you are a cave lover you can explore this cave and explore its incredible rock formations and underground lakes.

Clarendon is also the annual host of the largest agricultural show in the Caribbean, the Denbigh Agricultural Show. The Denbigh Show takes place during Jamaica’s independence celebration weekend and follows through to Independence Day on August 6th. With a 16 year history in Clarendon, the Show brilliantly showcases some Jamaica’s best agricultural produce from farmers across the island, cultural culinary delights, and a host of entertaining performances.

Bauxite mining and farming is also a big hit in Clarendon. Both of these activities represent a major source of income for most residents here. In Clarendon you can find various farms, including: citrus, dairy, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, fish and banana farms.


What you’ll find:

Quick Facts:

  • Capital:May Pen
  • Land Area: 1196 sq. km
  • Name Origin:Lord Chancellor Sir Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon
  • Rivers:Milk River, Rio Minho
  • Mountains:Mocho, Bull Head
  • Plains:Vere

Interesting Places:

  • Jackson’s Bay Cave
  • Halse Hall Great House
  • Vernam Field
  • Milk River Bath
  • Rio Minho
  • Denbigh
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